Lion ULTI-NET® is the ultimate Hairnet for hygiene protection, featuring Prolen® Siltex yarn to give an antibacterial shield effect, at a premium 1mm mesh level.

Our ULTI-NET® and HAIR-TEC+® hairnet ranges are the world's first, patent pending hairnets to be made from materials that repel bacteria whilst promoting comfort, airflow and moisture transportation.

Prolen Siltex® antibacterial yarn is a highly advanced fibre meeting both the American Standard for Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials, AATCC 100-2012 and the French Institut Francais Textile Habillement, according to standard ISO/CD 20743 absorption method (2004).

Lion's exclusive use of antimicrobial capabilities introduces the only range of hairnets and beard snoods that combat all of the hair contamination risks identified by leading trichologists (hair and scalp specialists) in publications for the food industry in 2014. Please view our Hair Science page for further information.

Antibacterially modified fibres use biogenic silver ions to inhibit the growth of gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Silver ions are active toward the food industry hazard, Staphylococcous Aureus. In addition, Prolen® Siltex has high moisture transportation (wick effect); ensuring the operative is as cool and comfortable as possible.

Prolen® Siltex yarn is unique and exclusive to the patent pending, antibacterial ranges of Lion Haircare. It has been carefully selected to ensure that the underlying principles for the correct operation of headwear in hygiene critical environments are not compromised.


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