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8mm, Fine Mesh Hairnet

For 'front of house' applications, discreet hair control can be solved with 8mm fine mesh Hairnets.  Our fine mesh Hairnets are almost invisible when worn with the correct hair colour and are available in a wide range of natural hair and food industry colours.

The fine mesh construction makes these lightweight Hairnets suitable for use under Trilby Hats or other Chefswear without further affect on natural temperature control.

Looking for a Beard Snood?  We do not manufacture Beard Snoods with mesh sizes greater than 5mm; however, 5mm, 3mm, 1mm and Comfort Fit options are available. Beard Snoods, when combined with the moisture wicking yarn, allows air and moisture to move freely, improving comfort and the need to touch and adjust, when compared to a non woven Beard Cover.

Manufactured from nylon for strength and comfort, using Oeko-Tex® class 1 yarn, which is ecologically harmless and friendly to skin.

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  • Product Code:820
  • Available in:Metal Free - Knotted
  • Available Colours:
  • Purchase Quantities:100, 144
  • Sizes:One Size
  • Packaging:Lion 9, Round cards

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