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Hairnets have holes, could hair protruding through the knitted structure fall out into the product?

A warp knitted Hairnet will conform to the shape of the head and lay the hair flat, trapping it at the root. Hair will not fall out into product of its own accord. However, if an operative scratches, or adjusts the Hairnet, this is where contamination may occur; so comfortable products are essential.

Furthermore, short hair is harder to retain than longer hair as it stands more upright. With this in mind, we produce a wide variety of mesh sizes, suitable for any hair type or environment. Please visit our Hair Science page to find out how hair grows, how it falls and how best to keep it out of food!

Are Mobs Caps better than Hairnets?

Actually, these products compliment each other and both can be worn together in critical environment (we may recommend other, moisture wicking, options in warmer environments). Mob Cap elastic is generally weak, which is why wisps appear at the back and sides. Hairnets work to retain and control the hair; therefore, if double layering, the focus should be on the type of Hairnet used, rather than the type of Mob Cap.

What is the benefit of a double elastic headband?

Our industry leading, lay flat, double elastic headband offers greater protection than any other. It provides greater security against protruding hair wisps and also distributes the pressure evenly so that it doesn’t cut into the forehead.

I have found a Hairnet which claims to be better than a traditional Hairnet!

A traditional Hairnet can typically feature a mesh size of up to 10mm. Some research uses inconsistent comparisons to present misleading claims about better performance, so beware of selective marketing.

At Lion we have trialled many types of Hairnet but consistently identified that 1mm to 5mm mesh sizes offer the ideal standard for food processing areas. This allows sufficient airflow and comfort, prevents the wearer overheating but still brings effective restraint of the hair.

Can headwear be washed?

Hairnets or other headwear should not be re-used or washed. Hair is not removed with washing and when re-worn the head covering may be inside out and loose hairs can fall into product.

It is not advisable to use a hair dissolving additive, these chemicals are highly dangerous and will also break down the fibres in the product; leading to an increased contamination risk.

Is there any independent research to show that Hairnets are the best option?

Following guidance by Brian Plunkett MIT, renowned Trichologist (hair and scalp specialist), Brian identified key aspects to the prevention of hair contamination in food. His book 'Food, Hygiene and Hair' identifies airflow and avoidance of dense coverings as high on the list of desirable features.

Additionally, In 2004, Lion, along with other industry experts, worked with Campden BRI to contribute to the first "Guidelines for Preventing Hair Contamination of Food". This trade lead research project compared the effectiveness of various types of headwear, of which, Hairnets were found to be a favoured means of protection.

Lion did NOT fund this research, in fact, Hairnets were one of many head coverings tested, it still stands as the only truly independent research carried out to date.

Can you recycle Hairnets?

Yes, if used for personal use, they may be put in a clothing bank at your nearest supermarket. Or, for business, you can recycle them through Terracycle, they provide boxes which are collected and recycled in to various plastic items, such as Wheelie Bins.

Are your Hairnets and Snoods manufactured in the UK?

Yes, we are the only company to 100% manufacture, inspect and pack in the UK.

You are part of the Nottingham Textile Group, who are they?

As one of the six companies under the Nottingham Textile Group umbrella our UK manufacturing specialism is technical textiles. Our entire hairnet range is designed, engineered and produced by a diverse and talented team at Nottingham.

We are proud that many of our employees choose to stay with us for their whole working career. The current team has been handed down traditional, technical and manufacturing skills and has added to their knowledge with the very latest hi-tech developments and training.

Global position - Whilst valuing our local, family-company history, which stretches back over 130 years, today we are a global operator serving enterprises from sole traders through to US Fortune 500, multi-national corporations. Our exports go to each of the world’s continents (excluding Antarctica!). And we have manufacturing partnerships across the Far East, eastern and southern Europe.

The amount re-invested in our Group recently reached a milestone figure of £5m.

I’m an End User, where can I buy your products?

We have a wide range of Distributors that we’re proud to work with. If you’d like to contact us, we can put you in touch with your local Distributor, or if you prefer national accounts, we can point you in the right direction there too.

If you’re looking for Lion Bun Nets, or products for personal use, we have a wide range of Distributors and shops that sell our products; please contact us, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with them.

What is your carriage paid value?

Our carriage paid value is £400.