Free Hair Audits

Working to reduce hair complaints

Many companies sell layers of products to gain sales, without understanding the impact this can have on the body’s natural thermoregulation.  Heat and moisture increase the risk of operatives touching and fidgeting with headwear, dislodging otherwise stable hair; resulting in more hair contamination.

At Lion, our technical textile experts (also Level 3 Food Safety & Hygiene Certified) offer advice on how you can reduce hair complaints with your current system and advise on how we think you can improve further.

Working with your environment

Before recommending products, it is important to assess the environment. For example, warmer factories present different challenges to colder ones and what may suit one site, may not suit another.

Whilst it is sometimes necessary to double layer headwear, it is important that you know how to, by using products that work together to aid moisture transportation; otherwise, overheating can occur.

This is why our Free Hair Audits treat every factory differently, meaning you have a bespoke solution, for your environment.

Free certificate and a comprehensive written report

From changing rooms through to the factory floor, we assess each area and note what you do well and what may be improved.

Feedback is given at the end of the visit and a full, comprehensive, written report is provided within 5 working days.  Finally, in a follow up meeting, we issue our certificate, which is often shown to customers and auditors to show due diligence.  Perfect for BRC audit preparations.

Don’t just take our word for it, please see our customer feedback section, to see what they have to say about us too!

Our products are produced with you, and the environment, in mind.

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