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3mm, Extra Close Mesh Hairnet

A 3mm, extra close mesh structure, which secures both short and long hair effectively, whilst maintaining airflow.

Featuring an excellent quality, single elastic headband, for those who experience pressure sensitivity, or, wear hard hats, bump caps or other rigid headwear.

Manufactured with polypropylene yarn for high moisture transportation and wicking properties; ultimately, keeping operatives cooler and more comfortable and less prone to touching and adjusting headwear.  Furthermore, we only use Oeko-Tex® class 1 yarn, which is ecologically harmless and friendly to skin.

Hairnets should be worn as stated in our ‘How to Wear’ guides for optimum comfort and security.

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    Enquire about this product T. 0115 970 7989
  • Product Code:938/938K
  • Available in:Metal Detectable, Metal Free
  • Available Colours:
  • Purchase Quantities:50, 100
  • Sizes:One Size
  • Packaging:Balled, In dispenser packs, Loose in bags, Round cards

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