These Hairnets and Beard Snoods use Prolen Siltex® antimicrobial yarn, a highly advanced fibre that is active against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including food industry hazard, staphylococcus aureus, regularly found at the hair, scalp and skin.

Lion’s exclusive use of antimicrobial capabilities results in the only Hairnet and Beard Snood range that combats all of the hair contamination risks identified by leading trichologists (hair and scalp specialists) in publications for the food industry in 2014. For further information visit the Hairnet Science page.

Special use of silver ions, which are added through a modified bacteriostatic agent, applied to the core of the Prolen Siltex® yarn at polymer stage, are the key to inhibiting the spread of bacteria and reducing the potential for the food operative to be a direct source of microbial contamination.

For 'front of house' applications, discreet hair control can be solved with our 10mm Hairnet. Wider constructions make these lightweight Hairnets suitable for use under Trilby Hats or other Chefswear without further affect on natural temperature control.

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