Made in Britain

Did you know that ... all our Hairnets and Beard Snoods are 100% manufactured, inspected and packed here in Nottingham?

100% manufactured in Nottingham

Did you know that some companies claim ‘Made in Britain’, when only part of the process is?  At Lion, we 100% manufacture, convert and inspect Hairnets/Beard Snoods in the UK; ensuring consistent quality standards throughout the range.

With this in mind, we take the quality of our products very seriously; after all, every Hairnet and Beard Snood, should keep hair wisps firmly in place; this is why every product has to pass our strict quality control procedures.

Additionally, as part of the Nottingham Textile Group, we have unparalleled access to Technical Textile testing and expertise on site. In fact, our Sales Team have extensive Technical Textile knowledge, not only can they sell you our products, they can tell you how they’re knitted too!

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