Food Auditor & End User Information

Recognising Quality Standards

BRC guidelines state that headwear should fully contain all scalp hair to prevent product contamination and should include snoods for beards and moustaches, where required, to prevent product contamination.

At Lion, not only do we take these guidelines in to account, we also look at environmental conditions, such as heat, or cold, when recommending products too. This unique combination, ensures operative comfort and decreased adjusting, in the factory environment.

Reducing Risks

As HACCP is a system that recognises the risk of safety hazards in food, we take every step possible to ensure the quality, and safety, of our products.

All Hairnets and Snoods are 100% manufactured, inspected and packed in Nottingham, to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  After all, every Hairnet and Beard Snood, should keep hair wisps firmly in place; this is why every product has to pass our strict quality control procedures.

Additionally, as part of the Nottingham Textile Group, we have unparalleled access to Technical Textile testing and expertise on site. In fact, our Sales Team have extensive Technical Textile knowledge, not only can they sell our products, they can tell you how they’re knitted too.

Free Hair Audits

If you would like us to visit your factory, then please get in touch.  From changing rooms through to the factory floor, we assess each area and note what you do well and what may be improved.


Feedback is given at the end of the visit and a full, comprehensive, written report is provided within 5 working days.  Finally, in a follow up meeting, we issue our certificate, which is often shown to customers and auditors, to show due diligence.

Perfect for BRC audit preparations.

Education and Training

As the experts in the industry, education and training is always at the forefront of our mind.  For example, Did you know that wearing Hairnets and Beard Snoods in the correct manner, is proven to reduce hair complaints and reduce the requirement for a larger size?

Taking all of this in to account, we offer a wide range of Posters, DVD’s, staff training, and Hair Audits: all free of charge, to ensure compliance and good practice.

Please visit our Knowledge Hub to find out more.

Our products are produced with you, and the environment, in mind.

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