1. Brush and tie the hair back. Make sure itís not tied too low down, as the Hairnet elastic needs to lay flat against the neckline.

  2. With the closure north to south hold the Hairnet open ready for donning. Wearing it this way, pulls the meshes closer together.

  3. Locate across the forehead and pull the Hairnet over the crown, ensuring all hair in the nape of the neck is covered.

  4. Locate under the ears, this ensures that the Hairnet is securely in place.

  5. Check all hair is fully enclosed, that the double elastic headband is laying flat and is located under the ears. If nessecary, get a colleague to double check.

  6. Put on Visitor Coat and other PPE after the Hairnet has been worn. This ensures that any hair dislodged by adjusting, isnít brought into the workplace.

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