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Brian Plunkett is a Registered Consultant Trichologist currently practicing in London and Bedfordshire. He is Founder of Trichocare Diagnostics Ltd, and inventor of the skin sensitivity test which has now been on the market for 10 years and has become a recognised industry standard for patch testing prior to applying a hair colour.

Also Managing Director of Trichocare Consulting Ltd, the educational arm of the Company which provides not only Distance Learning Courses in Hair Science and Trichology but most recently delivering short CPD Certifcated sessions to hairdressers and interested parties. This year has seen events in Maidstone, South Devon, Newport Pagnell, Colchester and Thame, with an Autumn diary "kicking off" at Norwich Football Club in early September.

Introduction to Trichology - a new accredited Certificate in Trichology has been compiled by Brian an is currently undegoing final accreditiation with ITEC -

Brian has more than 45 years experience in the hair care industry, and is a source of expert advice to the hairdressing and beauty industry. Additionally, his opinion is frequently sought by the media, most notably, Sky News and BBC's The One Show. BBC Local Radio also regularly invite him into the studio to take questions from listeners regarding hair loss and hair and scalp disorders.

He has appeared as an Expert Witness in court cases not only concerning hairdressing damage to hair, but also one one occasion providing critical evidence in a a high profile murder case.

He has been a member of the Instiute of Trichology for many years and was Vice Chairman in 1991.

At the request of City and Guilds Brian compiled Level 4 in Trichology, which was incorporated into the City and Guilds Course.

Voluntary Presenter over a period of years for the Royal College of Science "Cheimistry at Work" programme for schools - taking classroom lessons to enthuse and interest children of primary and secondary level in science related topics concerning hair - how to measure the strength of hair!

At the request of the Health & Safety Executive, travelling the country as a member of their presenting team to increase awareness about various health and safety issues in the workplace - most notably the importance of wearing gloves in the hairdressing industry for the campaign "Bad Hand Day".


A Pocket Guide to Hair & Scalp Disorders - 1st edition 1991

A Pocket Guide to the structure and Function of Hair - revised as 2nd edition

Brian is passionate about raising professional standards across not only the hair and beauty industry, but also other industries where matters of the hair and scalp are a concern - most recently liaising with the food industry.

He spends his time between his own Trichology Practice, Trichocare Diagnostics Ltd, Trichocare Consulting Ltd and providing advice and Reports to all sectors requiring his professional help and guidance.


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